Sphere (and other stuff) was written by Marke Fincher.    

I spent 3 years at the University of Warwick,  studying beer and mostly mucking around on computers.
I obtained a Pure Maths degree in a last minute scramble when time was running short!
During my time though I did spend time on mathematics, just not the stuff on my courses....more like generic algorithms, simulation and so on.
I did produce the beginnings of a paper on what I believed to be a new method of integrating functions, and my tutor advised that I should spend a few weeks in the maths library to research and establish if it was new work or not. Chances are, it wasnt original work.

My first home computer was a Commodore Pet,  you know,  with the built in tape drive and the coloured cardboard under the keys.   At that moment a fascination with algorithms and mathematical modelling was born.  

I've always thought computer graphics have a 'cool' quality, but it was programs like 'Cthuga' that inspired me to try my own.

Coming soon (before I die or get bored) ...

DirectX version (should be very fast!) 

WindowsCE version (should be very slow!!)

Virtual Reality Headset version