Screen Shots



Real Time Fractal Zooming Program

This Windows program will zoom into a specified point on the mandelbrot set in real time! When you're used to programs which take a few seconds to draw a single frame this program is pretty impressive,  but like a lot of my stuff, it's not really finished!   I spent all my time on the maths and optimizations and very little on the user interface and polishing.   Also,  when it hits the precision limit of double floating point operations it all goes nuts.   One day,  when the power of the average PC permits it,  I intend to implement an infinite precision floating point type which will remove any limit to how far you can zoom in.

rfz.exe (48 Kb)



This is a very simple but addictive game for Windows.  No fancy graphics here, the game is made entirely from coloured dots!  Try to avoid everything as it whizzes, shoots, explodes and creeps up on you.   The longer you survive, the higher your score, and the meaner the baddies.  Try to conserve energy and pick up the blue energy pods.   In an emergency you have two weapons activated with the mouse buttons, a short term repulsion effect and a smart bomb!  Have fun!

WatchOut.exe (128 Kb)